Sergeant Daniel H Martin



Sergeant Daniel H Martin was born on the 18th of February 1842 in Horry County. Daniel Enlisted in Conway, SC. He was a resident of Juniper Bay SC, and served as a scout/sniper for his unit of Company E, 26th SC Infantry, CSA (1861-1865). Daniel was also a Prisoner of War survivor from Point Lookout, MD. He was released from Pt. Lookout June 29, 1865 & walked barefoot all the way back to Horry County, SC. The Yankee’s took all the shoes away from the Confederates & made them walk away from the POW Camp barefoot.



A Family Member Account

A cousin related this information, whom knew Daniel when he was old. He would sneak inside union lines and gather intel. If an opportunity for a shot on a high ranking officer presented itself it was taken. He was captured inside of Union lines at the siege of Petersburg. He was spotted inside of the union camp and rushed by a Union Capt. on horse whom Daniel shot. He was rushed by Union soldiers and subdued. He was taken to Point Lookout, MD. Released in June of 1865. He walked back to Horry Co. from MD. He had no shoes and his feet were mangled and crippled him the rest of his life. Family member stated whom talked to Daniel, that he was nearly dead upon arrival at the Martin farm. Died in 1926. Daniel is my gg Uncle. Daniel was 5’4 and had a ruddy complexion.

Contributed by: Jack Martin


Daniel’s parents were Isaac Martin b. 1820 and  Sarah Jane McCrackin b. 1822 and was married to Victoria Jordan b. 1853

His children:
Isaac McM. Martin 1869-1912
Margaret J. Martin 1871-
Willie James D. Martin 1873-1936
Mary “Mollie” F. Martin b. 1875-1952
Catherine Vick Martin 1877-1932
Joseph Franklin Martin 1886-
Archie Martin 1889-

Daniel is buried in Brown Swamp United Methodist Cemetery in Conway, South Carolina

He is buried near an old oak tree at the right of the church. There is a wooden marker near this tree that is for D.H. Martin (according to his grandson, Lonnie Martin who is now nearly 90 yrs old).

Note: Grave marked with wood markers at the head & foot of his grave.

Picture Credit: Keith Edwards


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