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Rep. Todd Rutherford District 74 Richland County
Office: 335B Blatt Building, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone 803-734-9441
Home: 2113 Park Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone 803-799-8633
Business Phone 803-256-3003

House Bill 3091
12/09/20 Pre-filed
12/09/20 Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
01/12/21 Introduced and read first time on House Floor House Journal Page 65
01/12/21 Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
As of January 20. 2021 there is no matching Bill in SC Senate and there are no co-authors signed onto House Bill to amend Section 56-3-4800, SC Code of Laws 1976 As Amended relating to the issuance of the Sons of Confederate Veterans special license plates by the SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles, so as to provide each license plate SHALL NOT CONTAIN a Confederate Battle Flag, and to provide upon revalidation of this special license plate, a special license plate that DOES NOT contain a Confederate Flag must be issued to replace a special license plate that contains a Confederate Flag.
Translation: DMV will no longer issue SCV license tag that displays emblem of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Upon renewal, current tags must be surrendered to DMV for a replacement tag that does not display SCV emblem.

House Committee on Education and Public Works

Rita Allison, Chair-Greenville/Spartanburg
Linda Bennett, 1 st Vice Chair-Charleston/Dorchester
Terry Alexander, 2 nd Vice Chair-Darlington/Florence
Tim McGinnis-Horry
Adam Morgan-Greenville
Michael Rivers-Beaufort/Colleton
Paula Calhoon-Lexington
Tommy Stringer-Greenville
Gill Gatch-Charleston/Dorchester
Case Brittian-Horry
Rosalyn Henderson-Myers-Spartanburg
Raye Felder-York
Jerry Govan-Orangeburg
Melissa Oremus-Aiken
Annie McDaniel-Chester/Fairfield/Richland
Travis Moore-Spartanburg
Mark Smith-Berkeley/Charleston
Ashley Trantham-Greenville
13 Republicans 6 Democrats

What we must do:
Be polite but firm

Contact your local State Representative. Make him/her aware of Bill and tell them you expect them to oppose it. Remind them you vote and your family votes. They work for you. You don’t work for him/her. If your representative serves on the House Committee for Education and Public Works (list above), you should initiate immediate contact with them by phone or face to face. Most likely you will speak to staff member. Conclude by saying “I look forward to hearing from Rep. (name) about this important matter.
If you do not have a tag, purchase one now. The more we display the stronger we are. A portion of tag sales goes to SC Division. This helps us not raise dues.

Call or go see Rep. Rutherford. Ask him why? If you don’t reach him the first time, keep trying.

Talking Points

  • Never use term “SCV” or “Sons of Confederate Veterans”. Say “Sons of Confederate Veterans, Historical Honor Society”.
  • The “Confederate Flag” on license tag is the Battle Flag of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. It is not and has never been a flag of sovereignty. It is a veteran’s banner. Per Federal Law, Confederate veterans are American veterans.
  • South Carolina’s Confederate Soldiers were Black and White, Christian and Jew, male and female (and in at least one case, a Black female)
  • Approximately 31,000 South Carolinians served under this Flag. 12,992 were killed.
  • Flag is incorporated in trademarked emblem of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Historical Honor Society
  • As of January 2021, SC DMV has 181 specialty license tags. 68 are tags representing an organization. Every tag of an organization displays the organization’s emblem. Denying us to display the emblem of our organization on a specialty plate is discrimination.
  • Does SC have more pressing issues to deal with such as budget matters, education reform, COVID-19, etc.?

For questions and/or comments contact Leland Summers, or 803-235-8322

Contact the South Carolina Division Heritage Operations Chairman

    From time to time, it is necessary for the citizens of the State of South Carolina to contact their elected representatives to reinforce and remind them that the Southern people will not stand by and allow or history and heritage to be erased.

    When that time comes, it is necessary to have a unified voice in a timely manner. Below are links to be able to contact your Senator and your House of Representatives member. The buttons below will assist in locating your respective member. The links after will give you the ability to blanket email all of the members of the South Carolina Senate and the House of Representatives at once.