South Carolina Division Staff and Committee Chairman

Rossie Meadows
Rossie MeadowsDivision Color Sergeant
Bing ChambersGenealogist
Michael Thomas
Michael ThomasSC Division Historian
Steven SchumpertSC Division Inspector
Eddie PippinSC Division Quartermaster
Dean StevensInformation Technology
Mark Sheppard
Mark SheppardSC Division Awards Chairman
Ron York
Ron YorkSC Division Convention Planning Chairman
Randy Burbage
Randy BurbageSC Division Flag Preservation Chairman
Archie Herring
Archie HerringSC Division Guardian Chairman
Phillip LemieuxSC Division H. L. Hunley Award Chairman
Keith Day
Keith DaySC Division Graves Registration Chairman - SC Division Palmetto Partisan Editor
Leland Summers
Leland SummersSC Division Heritage Operations Chair
Henry Richardson
Henry RichardsonSC Division Heritage For Youth Chairman
Perry Smith
Perry SmithSC Division Confederate Memorial Day Chairman
Robert RoperSC Division Ordinance Of Secession Signers Monument Chairman