Sergeant Adam Martin Knecht

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Adam Martin Knecht was born 1833 in Hessen, Germany. He left with his younger brother Peter Knecht, and caught a ship out of Rotterdam in 1854 and arrived in New York. He made his way South and ended up in Oconee South Carolina.
Adam Martin Knecht married Frannie Frick of Pickens SC, and they had 4 children Frances, John P., Sarah, and Agnes.
At the start of the war, Adam volunteered for the 12th SC Inf. with Company K in August of 1861 at Walhalla Pickens Dist.  He would stay with the 12th SC Company K,  Mcgowans brigade until his death. From records, it states that Sgt Adam Martin Knecht took a Mini ball to the leg on Aug 16, 1864 at Fussell Mill Va. He was sent to Jackson Hospital in Richmond VA. where his right leg was amputated, and on Sept 9, 1864 Sgt Adam Martin Knecht
died of his wounds.
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Sergeant Adam Martin Knecht is buried in Hollywood cemetery in Richmond VA. For unknown reasons his tombstone is misspelled with an incorrect name. The stone reads where buried, an A.M. Knight died 9/9/64. Research has taken place to correct this mistake and with only two A. M. Knights found serving in the Confederate Army. One serving in an Alabama training unit, the other with a TN regiment.  Also there were no other Knechts who served in the SC army, that have been found. The cemetery has been contacted and the appropriate documents have been sent to rectify this tombstone mistake to Hollywood Cemetery.
frannie fricks
On January 26 1865 his wife Frannie Frick Knecht would claim his pension.
The direct line of lineage is as follows
Adam Martin Knecht             1833-1864 born Germany, Died Richmond
John P. Knecht                         1856-1938 born Oconee SC
Joe L Knecht                              1899-1988 born S.C. died Beaver PA
John Bundy Knecht                alive/ born in PA
Joseph Daniel Knecht             1974- alive/ Pennsylvania

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