Private Hillard Todd

Hilliard Todd Co. K 1st SC Artillery

Hilliard Todd was a private in the South Carolina Artillery. He was born in 1844 and  lived until the 27th of January 1902 and is buried at Pond Field Graveyard in Horry County, SC. He was married to Nancy Lee who was born on the 24th of August 1845 and lived until the 16th of February 1930

The two had Nine children

The Horry Herald – Thursday, February 13, 1902

Mr. Hyliard Todd, aged about 60 years, departed this life Jan. 27th 1902.
Mr. Todd was an old Confederate veteran who was wounded several times but survived. He was a hard working man and leaves much sign where he has been. He was living near Eldorado, S. C. and was entered at the Pond Field grave yard.
He will be greatly missed in his neighborhood. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn after him.
A Friend.

Wounded in the leg (left?)

Compiled Confederate Service Records.

Todd-Hilliard, Co. B, Manigault’s Battalion SC Artillery  SC Siege Train  18th Battalion SC Artillery: in private/out private;

enlisted at age 18, on April 15, 1862 in Horry District, SC for the war, by Captain Charles Alston, Jr.; April 14 to June 30, 1862-present; July/August 1862-absent on sick furlough-went to Horry District Aug. 21, 1862; Sept/Oct 1862 discharged Sept. 20, 1862.

Todd-Hilliard, Co. K, 1st SC Artillery: in private/out private; enlisted July 18, 1864 at Camp Instruction-Columbia, SC by Major Green, for the war, entitled to pay from July 14, 1864. July/Aug 1864  present; Sept/Oct 1864  present; Nov/Dec 1864  present.
Buried: Pond Field Graveyard, Horry County, SC.


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