We’re running full steam ahead….


As you can see, our new Division Web page is up and running with new features and new content. With this new website, I want everyone to start thinking differently than what we used to of the Division page. No longer will the Division website be just a place for reference material and phone numbers. As you can already tell, we no longer are going to display every mans contact information as if we were putting on a white pages for the Division.

Now, as it may have been useful in the past to treat the site as such, not a lot of men felt comfortable having their personal data strewn across the site for everyone to be able to pick up and make a hit list of Confederate lovers. Not that this is impossible without us providing it but, I want them to have to work for it if that is their intention.

Now to the positive future.

New features and functions will be added all the time. Camp information on the ‘SC Camps‘ tab will be updated within 72 hrs with current data such as meeting location times and addresses, camp web site addresses, and meeting times. There won’t be anymore having to wait for a twice a month, and hoping with your fingers crossed, for the new information to be added.



For us to grow we have to change. And by that, I mean our ideas and culture of what this organization is and how we present ourselves to the world. As long as I have been a member, we have done things that have honored our Confederate Heroes, but other than shooting a few emails out to our friends and family, or putting something in our Camp newsletter, very little is pushed out into the public. Now don’t get me wrong, some of our guys have been doing a badass job of getting what the camp is doing out to the public.

Now you all have a forum to send out in all directions to every corner of the world, what our Confederate Ancestry means to us and what we are doing to honor and preserve it. There will be an article in the Palmetto Partisan that will echo what I write here. We have a lot of talent and good men in the South Carolina Division РSons of Confederate Veterans that are good at writing and sharing what they know. Whether its a camp event, grave cleaning, book review, or any other history related goings on.


Pictures, articles, family stories, any and everything that has to do with our history. With that, you will be reading more from your elected leaders and Committee Chairs along with everyone else in the South Carolina Division that has something to contribute.



So Now What –


Then when you have everything penned out like you want it, add some pictures, or video and send it to the Division IT.


We can only go up from here. Thank all of yall in advance for the work that you are going to do.

Let me know if you need anything.

Dean Stevens
SC Division IT