The Scandalous Lives of Carolina Belles Marie Boozer and Amelia Feaster

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In Civil War Columbia, South Carolina, no women were more gossiped about than Amelia Feaster and her teenage daughter, Marie Boozer. The Philadelphia-born Feaster, a widow three times before her thirty-first birthday, aided the Union war effort from her home, while Marie became infamous for her beauty and vanity. For over a century, scandalous tales [...]

Columbia Civil War Landmarks

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This historic guidebook offers an informed tour with driving directions to 70 sites in and around South Carolina’s capital. The text is complemented by 50 photographs and illustrations of the featured sites and the people associated with them. I would have liked a map showing all these attractions, but the author’s instructions are clear and [...]

The Elements of Academic Success

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Southrons, I am a member of Secession Camp #4, SCV, in Charleston, South Carolina and my book is powerful because it is EASY to use and fair to the South. I don't give a damn about political correctness. I'm interested in truth. It is 364 pages (softcover) and covers EVERYTHING a student will face in [...]

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