The Time Is Now

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Great Men Lead By Example   Now is the time. The Deadline of the 18th of January is three days away to register and join the other leaders of the South Carolina Division. The 2014 South Carolina Division Leadership Conference is only 17 days away. Full details of the day can be read here. Make [...]

Our Confederate Heroes – Hilliard Todd

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Private Hillard Todd Hilliard Todd was a private in the South Carolina Artillery. He was born in 1844 and  lived until the 27th of January 1902 and is buried at Pond Field Graveyard in Horry County, SC. He was married to Nancy Lee who was born on the 24th of August 1845 and lived until the 16th [...]

Signer of the SC Ordinance – Langdon Cheves, Jr

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Langdon Cheves, Jr This week we honor one of South Carolina's Sons and brave citizens Langdon Cheves Jr for risking all to lead the way for South Carolina to be free and independant. Langdon Cheves Jr was born in 1814 and died on the 10th of July, 1863. During the war he was a Confederate Officer [...]

Tragedy of 160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

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This is one of a countless number of 19th century records seized by the North Carolina Archives and burned on December 6, 2013 This is a reblog of an article that is disturbing for any part of history, but which touches the time area of our honored Confederate ancestors. Although it does not [...]

Confederate “David” Torpedo Boat in 1863

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The Union sailors spotted the curious little boat shortly after 9 o’clock, just as it was closing in on the starboard beam of their ship. It came from the east, which confused the men. Either this strange craft was a long way from home or it had come out of Charleston and somehow managed to [...]

150 Years Of Hunley Discovery

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The 150 Year Anniversary of the Hunley Making History is upon us. In February of 2014 will be the sesquicentennial of the Confederate's Top Secret weapon making history in the world. The Hunley Commission is planning to commemorate the the occasion with a series of events that will bring the history of this 19th Century [...]

Flat Rock Cemetery Cross of Honor ReDedication Service

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You are invited to attend the Re-Dedication Service of two Crosses of Honor.   It will take place at the Flat Rock Cemetery near Jonesville, S.C. Two crosses were stolen and received extensive coverage in the local News Papers and C-7 TV. Since the theft occurred in Union Co., the States Rights Gist camp has already [...]

Signer of the SC Ordinance – Christopher Gustavus Memminger

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 Christopher Gustavus Memminger   This week we honor one of South Carolina's Sons and brave citizens Christopher Gustavus Memminger for risking all to lead the way for South Carolina to be free and independant. (January 9, 1803 – March 7, 1888) was a prominent German-American political leader and the first Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederate States of America. [...]