A Message from the Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief Kelly Barrow

Compatriots and Friends,

Let me take this time to tell you what an honor it is to be elected as your Commander-in-Chief. Words cannot adequately describe my feelings. I am humbled to hold an office that only seventy-three men before me have held. It is my pleasure to be a thirty-five year member of the SCV. I remember attending my first Lee-Jackson Banquet at Aunt Fanny’s Cabin in Smyrna, Georgia where all of my family was inducted into the SCV, UDC and CofC. It was a special moment for me but little did I know what the future held.

Through the unity of our organization and the strength of our Confederate Ancestors, we shall continue to move forward to be the preeminent authority on Southern heritage. There are many days ahead of us in the Sesquicentennial and beyond that give us opportunities to promote and honor the heroic deeds of the men and women of 1861-1865. By their examples we can learn a considerable amount; it is our ancestors who endured “Total War” from an illegal invader. Today, like our ancestors, we must also choose to stand fast or retreat? They knew their duty, do we know ours? General Robert E. Lee once said, “Duty then is the sublimit word in the English language, you should do your duty in all things, you can never do more; you should never wish to do less.”

The Confederate soldiers we honor and whose DNA flows in our veins took a stand to proclaim to the world the values of our American Liberties and their commitment to its Cause. Those Principles of 1776 and 1861 are still alive today. Friends, let us reconfirm our commitment to those liberties and the Cause which we hold so dear.

I would like to close with a quote from Jefferson Davis’ proclamation from April 5, 1865 in the capitol in Danville, Virginia. “Let us not, then, despond, my countrymen; but relying on the never-failing mercies and protecting care of our God, let us meet the foe with fresh defiance, with unconquered and unconquerable hearts.”

I now ask you to make a stand as they did, to be unified with others of the same mindset and lineage. As with anything in life, a unified group is more effective than any individual could ever be. I hope you will join me as we honor our Confederate ancestors and as we re-dedicate ourselves to those Principles of 1776 and 1861. May God Bless You and My God Bless the Sons of Confederate Veterans


The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been blessed to have Ben Swell as Executive Director for 12 years. Under his leadership, the SCV has prospered and flourished with his expertise. When Mr. Sewell announced that he would retire, it was known that it would be difficult to find someone of the same caliber.

In Charleston, at the National Reunion, it was announced that Lt. Col Mike Landree, USMC, will follow Mr. Sewell as Executive Director. It is an exciting new chapter for the SCV, and I feel like Lt. Col Landree will continue to lead the SCV into the future. Lt. Col Landree will begin in his new position on December 1, 2014.

So at this time I would like to say welcome aboard to Lt. Col Landree and God Speed to Mr. Sewell.


In light of the issues at Washington Lee University, I feel it is important to let the membership know who I appointed to the position of Chief of Heritage Operations. Mr. Ben Jones, currently from Virginia, was a former US Congressman from the state of Georgia. His expertise in dealing with high profile situations is one of the many reasons he was chosen. His diplomatic skills will prove to be invaluable in this position.

On many occasions he has proven that he loves his Southern heritage by the fights he has already participated in. One of the most recent that many may remember is when he took on Warner Brothers after they announced they would remove the Confederate Battle Flag off the
General Lee, a car he repaired in the Dukes of Hazard. Yes, Mr. Jones is none other than “Cooter” in the hit TV series that still captivates audiences through out the world. He won that battle, as he has many, and brought awareness to the history of the flag, as well as the Southern people. I hope you will join with him as he guides us through the future heritage issues.


Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans


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  1. Douglas Lunsford July 25, 2014 at 8:39 am - Reply

    I am very glad to have met you on more than one occasion and that the Sons of Confederate Veterans is in good hands with you as our Commander in Chief . Congratulations,sir .

    Douglas Lunsford , Camp 1428 Palmetto Sharpshooters
    Anderson , SC

  2. Chris W Harrell July 25, 2014 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Commander Barrow, I have not yet had the Honor to meet you. In reading about you in the Confederate Magazine, I have grown to like your status and your character. It is my opinion that SCV has elected a great man for the commanders spot. You have done well in the lower ranks and I am looking forward to your leadership as Commander.
    Camp Historian, Pee Dee Rifles Camp 1419 Florence, S.C.
    Chris Harrell

  3. Nancy Gayle Warren July 25, 2014 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    Congratulations from one Georgian to another.


    Here you are having just taken office and here I am already asking for help and advice.

    What can be done about STOPPING the plans to dismantle the mural and the diorama at the Cyclorama in Grant’s Park in Atlanta? As you know this park is practically right on top of part of the Battle of Atlanta site.

    I just know that once that Mayor of Atlanta tears it all up and puts it in storage, it will never seen again.

    I DO NOT BELIEVE they plan to ever build that replacement at the Atlanta History Museum to house it. I do know they say there will be no narrative recording telling its history and what it shows.

    There WILL BE NO Diorama, when and if they show the mural again.

    Also, are they actually planning to move the Lion of the Unknown Confederates from Oakland cemetery to the History Museum because “climate changes” MAY damage it? That is a rumor that my cousin who still lives in Georgia has heard.

    I am the descendent of, Pvt. William T. Guthrie who was wounded in the charge of the DeGress Battery on July 22,1864 and died 3 days after the Battle of Atlanta. He was born in Walton County , Ga. but served in the 34th Alabama, co’y “D” with men of his wife’s Trammell family.

    He fought and died not even 5 miles from what became Grant’s Park. We believe he is buried among the over 3000 unknown Confederate dead from the Battle of Atlanta.

    Again, congratulations on your new office. I wish you well, Sir.


    Nancy Warren
    Member of the Martha Reid Chapter 19, UDC


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