The Charge Fulfilled

Congratulations to the Confederate Men who live the Charge of the

Sons of Confederate Veterans.

A Re-Dedication was held after two of the Crosses were stolen from the Final resting places of two of our Confederate Brave. A big hand should be given to the men of the States Rights Gist Camp SCV and all the men who took part in this Honorable event, after the downpour of rain all night Friday and Saturday the good Lord held off the weather for a beautiful and warm Sunday afternoon. Aprox. 100 people turned out plus a 28 man Honor Guard consisting of numerous SCV Camps across the South and North Carolina Division to Honor these Soldiers. Gentlemen this is what it’s all about working together, the community, the South Carolina Division Camps, North Carolina Division Camps all for the good of the Charge.
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Greenville based News Channel 7 was on hand to cover the event as well, it was the fourth story in the broadcast at eleven and again this AM.
I want to personally say Thank You to Gist Camp Past Commander William “Bill” Berry for spearheading this event and all who participated in the event, I am proud to part of such a group of men. Thank You for allowing me to assist in setting up some of the event and participating.
 Gist commander Mark SandersCmdr Simpson
In their Honor,
Patrick Phillips
Moses Wood Camp #125
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  1. Bill Berry January 14, 2014 at 11:16 am - Reply

    This event shows what can be accomplished when all camps work together

    Several Regiments and even camps from NC helped.

    THIS SHOULD BE THE START OF A RE-NEWED effort to show the GENERAL PUBLIC, that our Confederate Heritage is alive & Well.

    When camps and men jump to the call for help, it is a easy job, to pull off an excellent event, that LIVES our CHARGE!

    Thanks to all who answered the call!

    This is a two way street, we all need to support our brother camps, in all events.

    Last year, several of us, were hard put to staff 2 public events, with a min. of 5 men for a color guard.

    Saluda NC Coon Dog Day Sat. after July 4 ( 7/5/14) and Green Creek ,NC
    in Oct. I hope that we can field 25 plus for these events, as we were well received by the public and the event staff.

    Then we need to field Honor Guards for CHRISTMAS PARADES, in local towns and Cities! Lee-Jackson Dinners, ect.


    Bill Berry
    Camp 1451 SCV
    Gen. States Rights Gist

  2. Jeff Antley January 14, 2014 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    Excellent!! Great work! Congratulations

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